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RNAs are central components of genetic information flow in all life forms — from viruses to mammals. RNA research has unveiled a suite of mechanisms underlying complex biological functions, and the recent developments of RNA therapeutics are revolutionizing medicine. To continue this effort during COVID-19 pandemic, the Center for RNA Research at the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) and Seoul National University (SNU) is hosting a series of 6 virtual mini-symposia together titled ‘RNA Biology and Therapeutics.’ Each 2.5-hr mini-symposium will consist of leading research presented by both senior and young scientists. Overall, the symposium series will cover topics from curiosity-driven basic science to therapeutic applications and will stimulate scientific interaction and development for junior scientists interested in RNA biology.

Zoom link for the meeting (ID: 878 0393 8166)

International timetable

Itinerary for August 11 (Korea Standard Time)

V. Narry Kim, Jin-Hong Kim, Yoosik Kim & Young-suk Lee

+82-2-880-6697 or

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