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RNAs are central components of genetic information flow in all life forms — from viruses to mammals. A deeper understanding of RNA has unveiled a suite of mechanisms underlying complex biological functions, and the recent developments of RNA therapeutics are revolutionizing medicine. To continue this effort during this unprecedented situation, the Center for RNA Research at the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) and Seoul National University (SNU) is hosting a series of 6 virtual mini-symposia together titled ‘RNA Biology and Therapeutics.’ Each 2.5-hr mini-symposium will consist of leading research presented by both senior and young scientists. Overall, the mini-symposia will cover topics from curiosity-driven basic science to therapeutic applications and will stimulate scientific interaction and development for junior scientists interested in RNA biology.

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V. Narry Kim, Jin-Hong Kim, Yoosik Kim & Young-Suk Lee

International timetable

Itinerary for January 13 (Korea Standard Time)

Itinerary for February 17 (Korea Standard Time)

Itinerary for March 10 (Korea Standard Time)

  • Itineraries for June through August will be announced later.

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